Q: About the Contract

  • What contract are you using to engage the approved builder?
  • Have you confirmed the construction timeline?
  • Have you allowed for variations?
  • How are progress claims structured?

Q: What about Consultants

Based on local authority requirements what consultants will be required to submit reports – Hydraulic, Geo Technical, Structural Engineering, Acoustic

  • Mechanical, Electrical?  What are the costs to gain each report?
  • Based on your design and local zoning what approvals will be required?
  • Are you engaging a private certifier?

Q: What is the process for a renovation?

Decide what it is you want to do, this does not need to be specific. Call GTS Constructions (Qld) Pty Ltd and we will provide advice and will even get your plans drafted, structurally approved and certified.

Q: Why do I need to have the job certified at certain stages?

The certifier is there to ensure the construction process is in accordance with good building practice, and to ensure it is safe to occupy. There are certain stages crucial to the inspection process, including concrete slab preparation, brick wall construction and structural wall frames and trusses, as an example.

Q: What is a PC Sum?

This is a Prime Cost. Normally a builder will quote a PC Sum when the standard of the item is unknown. Like tiles. The PC Sum might be a m2 rate or an actual price. This is an allowance which you as the owner have to spend on tile supply. If you spend more the builder will claim a variation, if you spend less the builder will provide you a credit.

Q: Why should I get a builder involved from the start of my project?

A builder can advise you the cheapest method to construct, and ensure it meets latest building code regulations. The builder can also advise your architect or draftsman, or can provide you full drawings including engineering

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